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Cheap batik cloth in Bali handmade by local craftsmen. Batik fabric in Bali with quality choices. Bali is an exotic and beautiful city, a center for domestic and foreign tourism. Also known as “Pulau Dewata”, a second large population center consisting of a large metropolis namely Jakarta and the surrounding area, or several neighboring central cities and the surrounding area. Almost everyone wants to enjoy the beauty and variety of tourism and culture in Bali.

Cheap batik cloth in Bali Handmade with prices starting from US $ 2.50 per yard. Besides, the convenience and security of transacting become our priority. Hope can be established business relationships that benefit both sides. You can already get it. For matters of quality, we use genuine prime and primisima cotton. There is no doubt about the quality of the two ingredients.

Choose from over more than +100 gorgeous batik fabrics. You’ll love working with these gorgeous 100% cotton fabrics, perfect for quilts and quilt backing, clothing, bedding, draperies, tablecloths, home dec, and more. Batik fabrics are either a wash or layer of dyes. Patterns are achieved by dipping a stamp in hot wax, stamping the fabric, then dying. This step is often repeated to produce an intricate mix of color and pattern. No two are exactly alike. A true art, captured in fabric. 100% cotton.

Batik Dlidir has 3 types of methods for Batik:

1. Written Batik (batik tulis)

Batik Tulis is original batik that uses wax (malam) and canting, and is done 100% handmade by local craftsmen. Previously, it must be stressed that the condition called Batik is when the process is using night and canting. Then what about printed and printed batik? They are more precisely called cloths that are given batik motifs.

2. Copper plate stamp Batik (batik cap)

Stamp batik is a batik technique by giving a wax to a garan and then stamped on the fabric. This wax or ‘malam’ serves to cover and limit the color dyeing process.

3. Handprint Batik

Handprint batik is making batik motifs on cloth by hand. The use of plaques and screens is a medium for carving batik colors and motifs. Because it uses hands, many details are still done manually.

Batik Bali For Sarong And Also Quilt Patterns at Batikdlidir

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Batik Bali For Sarong And Also Quilt Patterns at Batikdlidir. For sarong wholesale with low price and 100% cotton original. We give you a price of US $ 2.50 per yard. Besides, the convenience and security of transacting become our priority.

Batikdlidir’s Wholesale sells the original handmade batik fabric with the various traditional batik patterns. For you, the sarong wholesaler grab the special price in our shop/company immediately. We will give our best services and the reasonable price.

Batik Bali For Sarong And Also Quilt Patterns at Batikdlidir
Combination Sarong and Tie Die

Batik Bali at Batikdlidir

Batik Bali with smoke stamp method with colorful modern motifs. Because most people choose to use bali batik as their choice of batik style. Parents to infants, both boys and girls, are suitable for use.

Batik fabric bundles at Batikdlidir

Because it is made by hand, the results in one manufacturing session will be different from other sessions. Because a lot of things that affect not only the caps are worn. But also the technique of making the smoke accent. Likewise with the weather, heat the weather and bright will produce more intense colors.

In general, most of the Balinese batik motifs are batik motifs which are a blend of local designs requested by the Balinese people themselves as well as people visiting the Bali area.

These Balinese seminary artists also invited freely in all the motifs in the Batik Bali.

Batik Bali manufacturers at Batikdlidir. Batikdlidir’s Wholesale is located in the center of Solo City, Jl. Kolonel sugiyono number 67. It is near the Adi Sumarmo airport. It is just 10 minutes from Airport.

Our company or shop is very popular with the high quality product and the cheap price. We produce our batik sarong in our own production house. Batikdlidir will give the special price for you. If you are buying at least 500 pack. We will count US $ 4.50/pack (105 cm x 250 cm). For the next order, we will cut the price out of your expectation.

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