Batik fabric sale in Europe the best quality

Batik fabric in Europe with the best quality. The European Union (EU) economy is a single market with 28 countries, so the EU has a large influence on world trade. In calculating the total value of all products and services produced by the European Union, the EU Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2017 is € 15.3 trillion. Around 64% of the total value of trade is carried out between countries within the bloc of the European Union.

With only a population of 6.9% of the total world population, EU trade with the world outside the region accounts for around 15.6% of global imports and exports.

Batik fabric sale in Europe with premium quality
Batik is a Javanese word and can be derived from amba (‘to write’) and dot (‘dot’). The batik process refers to the coloring technique using wax rejecting ‘night’. The wax design is drawn on the fabric and then soaked in a certain color with the wax holding the dye. Boiling water is then applied to remove the wax and other designs can be applied and then dyed if mutiple colors are needed.

A cloth can be called batik if it uses canting and waxes. both components must be available in a cloth. so that the cloth can be called batik. What if one component does not exist or even both? Then it’s called cloth that is given a batik motif.

Batik Fabric with low price

Indonesian batik fabric with low price. Usually, the low price refers to the stamp technique. For the usual international call it tie dye.  With a starting price of US $ 2.50 / meter or US $ 2.30 / yard. You can get best quality and handmade batik fabric.

Batik Dlidir has 3 types of methods for Batik :

1. Written Batik (batik tulis)

Batik Tulis is original batik that uses wax (malam) and canting, and is done 100% handmade by local craftsmen. Previously, it must be stressed that the condition called Batik is when the process is using night and canting. It usually use for special affair.

2. Copper plate stamp Batik (batik cap)

It made by using copper stamp (cap). This technique has solid color, or it is well-known as tie dye technique.

3. Handprint Batik

This is a technique that use screen media to make pattern in the fabric. The examples of this technique is in making clothing and sarong (sarung).

Benefit of order at Batikdlidir

The benefits you get from making batik fabric for quilting in our place, among others:.

1. The price of cotton fabric is cheaper. Why it can ?, Because we are at the center location of the cotton factory and Batik Solo

2. Motives or pattern are more maintained quality. Already tested with years of usage from our customers. Tested from cotton and also durable. In addition, you can make the motif according to your own desired.

3. Unique, because you can combine your own motives. Solo citizens has become a daily struggle in the field of batik industries. So the business of combining has become our daily life.

4. Easy in payment of batik fabric. You can get free of our sample pattern or colour ways. After For reservations we demand DP (Down Payment) 50% of total production cost. So as to create a relationship of trust between the both sides.

5. We provide the whole production process. Presentation can be through pictures or video. It’s as if you were looking directly at your order live.

For info or reservations can whatsapp to +62822 6565 2222 Mr Mudzakir.

Batik fabric for quilting

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