How is made batik fabric in Argentina wih the best quality.

How is made batik fabric in Argentina wih the best quality. Batik is both an art and craft, which is becoming more popular and well known in the Indonesia and around the world. Batik fabric from indonesian culture to worldwide. The art of decorating cloth in this way, using wax and dye, has been paractised for centuries.

In java, Indonesia, batik is part of ancient tradition. Usually used for women’s and men’s clothing. The word batik origininates from the Javanese can be derived from amba (‘to write’) and dot (‘dot’). The batik process refers to the coloring technique using wax rejecting ‘night’. The wax “malam” design is drawn on the fabric and then soaked in a certain color with the wax holding the dye. Boiling water is then applied to remove the wax and other designs can be applied and then dyed if mutiple colors are needed.

With prices starting at US $ 2.20 per yard, you can get original Handmade. We ( Batik Dlidir ) is a batik company located in solo city, indonesia. A city closely associated with culture. The city that witnessed the birth of a tradition that until now still sustainable, Batik.

Batik fabric is a pictorial fabric that is specially made by writing or putting ‘ malam ‘ ( wax ) on the fabric. Batik Indonesia, as a whole of technology, related motive and cultural development. This is a craft that has high artistic value. Besides that has been a part of Javanese culture for a long time.

How is made batik fabric in  Argentina wih the best quality
Batik Tulis ( Drawing with canting )

We provide original batik fabric for all people of the world with the best quality. Complete, either with ” tulis ” ( Drawing ) technique or using ” cap ” ( Stamp ). In addition, the price is also affordable because we are Batik fabric manufacturers .

How is made batik fabric in  Argentina wih the best quality
Stamp Batik

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How to make Batik Fabric

How is made batik fabric in Argentina wih the best quality. We are Batik Dlidir has been trusted from year to year to produce the best products from 100% authentic cotton. I will explain to you how batik is made from the beginning to the end.

1. DESIGN: Can be from consumers (Will be traced later) or can be from us (meaning it must be redesigned or distilled)

2. MOCKYUP: Shape visual design as if it had become a shirt


4. AFDRUK: POSUTUF-NEGATIVE transfer process from colored plotter paper in the form to a plate / screen (one color-one paper-one frame / screen)

5. SCREENING: The process of removing negative parts, so the ink can penetrate into the fabric

6. PROFING: Sample fabric 2 meters with existing motifs according to the order before mass production (large quantities of production) which will then be sent to consumers for ACC

7. PRINT: The process of riding on an operating table for mass production

8. AIRING / STOVING: The process of menganging / heating so as not to bleber the ink

9. WATERGLASS: Process key color so that color lasts

10. Drying

11. DRINK: So that the raised color residue should ideally be soaked 3 days 2 nights (but not possible because of the queue) only done one night

12. SOFTENER: So the fabric is soft

13. Drying again

14. CALENEDER: So the fabric is like new


16. SEND

there are 16 stages of the process of batik workmanship, because the process is so long and in order to produce quality bati fabric, the order requires approximately 1 month.
The service and information 24 hours nonstop. This we do as our dedication in this job.

Over time, kain batik has a very broad meaning. Today batik in everyday life is a work of art that manifests culture. Not stop there, but also can give benefits to the general public ( the meaning of “dlidir” ). Batik can be interpreted high-level art of a solo civilization and its surroundings.

For us, batik does not just draw on fabric. Then put on “malam”, give motif, sell it or UNESCO recognition. But this is a comprehensive series of all thoughts, manpower and long history synergized in producing the best and original works to be enjoyed together. Good for the solo community in particular and also the people of the World in general.

Batik fabric at Batikdlidir

We name our certainly quality product as Batikdlidir. What is Dlidir? In Javanese dlidlir means mengalir (flowing). Therefore, from that name, dlidir, we hope that our product will be salable like the flow of the water. This name is also our prayer. So, it is not only name, but it has strong character in further advance.

As time goes by, Batik has generous meaning for us. Nowadays batik in daily is an art which manifests culture. Batik also give a value to public (read: dlidir). Batik means the high-level of art in Solo and round.

How is made batik fabric in Argentina wih the best quality. Processing batik is not only draw in the fabric, but it also a comprehensive sequences. The sequences of mind, energy, and a long story. All of the synergized process while making an artistic work. So, all of the people enjoy it.

We sell Batik in three categories. This category based on Batik techniques making. Here the explanation:
1. Written Batik (batik tulis). It made by using canting or written (tulis) technique. It usually use for special affair.
2. Copper plate stamp Batik (batik cap). It made by using copper stamp (cap). This technique has solid color, or it is well-known as tie dye technique.
3. Handprint Batik. This is a technique that use screen media to make pattern in the fabric. The examples of this technique is in making clothing and sarong (sarung).

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Batik fabric for quilting

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