Indonesian batik fabric online Belgium with free batik motives

Indonesian batik fabric online Belgium by Batik Dlidir. Batik fabric online has means you can get batik fabric via online. You can just text us, paid via transfer, and you can get what you want. In Batik Dlidir, we sell many tehnique of batik fabric. Explore our amazing collection of colorful batik fabrics at unbelievable prices only at Batik Dlidir. FREE thousands Batik Motives for you.

Like handwritting batik, stamp batik, and also handprinting batik. Batik handwritting is very special because all process by hand. It’s cost around USD 60 – USD 300 each piece. You can find that low price for full handmade fabric. The cost depend on the complexity of pattern and type of fabric.

Indonesian batik fabric online Belgium with free batik motives

Indonesian batik fabric online Belgium for the best quality. If you want cheaper batik, you can order our stamp batik. It’s cost around USD 3 each meter for minimum order 100 meters. Batik stamp smoke is favourite international’s market. We already sent our batik stamp smoke to our customers in many contries. Batik stamp smoke suitable for making clothes also making any handycraft. It have many pattern and colors you can pick.

We sell Batik in three categories

This category based on Batik techniques making. Here the explanation:

1. Written Batik (batik tulis). It made by using canting or written (tulis) technique. It usually use for special affair.
2. Copper plate stamp Batik (batik cap). It made by using copper stamp (cap). This technique has solid color, or it is well-known as tie dye technique.
3. Handprint Batik. This is a technique that use screen media to make pattern in the fabric. The examples of this technique is in making clothing and sarong (sarung)

In the batik-making process, the wax that creates the design sinks into the fabric. As a result, both sides of the fabric show a clear image after dyeing, and it is often hard to tell a difference between the right and wrong side of the fabric. When both sides are virtually identical, I choose the side on which the design is clearer with less fuzzy edges as the right side. When the colors vary from side to side, I choose the side that better suits my project as the right side. Occasionally, a batik will show a definite right and wrong side. Batik look-alikes often have a definite right and wrong side.

For reservations or information, You can whatsapp to: +62 822 6565 2222 Pak Mudzakir.

Traditional Indonesian Batik Premium Combination

Indonesian batik fabric online Belgium Traditional mix modern batik fabric for fashion. Although it has strong ties to traditional batik, utilizes linear treatment of leaves, flowers and birds. These batiks tend to be more dependent on the dictates of the designer rather than the stiff guidelines that have guided traditional craftsmen. This is also apparent in the use of color that modern designers use. Artisans are no Modern Batik dependent on traditional (natural) dyes, as chemical dyes can produce any color that they wish to achieve. Modern batik still utilizes canting and stamp to create intricate designs. Premium Batik Combination is batik which is actually a long achievement of the culture of the people of Solo and Jogja

Here is a little explanation of the technique above:

1. Buh
Buh motif is a motif that is around the fabric. Usually used as a clothes subordinate. Buh technique has a simple difficulty level. To throw or throw the night only half or one third of the area of the piece of cloth. Included in this category are jengki motifs and the like.

2. Large motives.
Minimum order is 1 piece. The combination between buh and big motives falls into this category. This technique has an attractive color advantage. Included in this motif are large machetes, large sidomukti and large galar.

3. Blasting and partial granite.
Bledak technique is destroying the night on a cloth. Destroying this with the hope of creating a vague color impression.

4. Full granite.
Namely the technique of twisting the night by the dots that are outside the pattern. While those in the pattern are called pasiran. This technique is quite difficult because the basis of the difference is the size of the canting.

5. Ukel and grip.
Namely Technique tossing a half circle night. This technique is also included for making gringsing patterns and insect repellent. For this technique entered the most difficult range.
Smaller canting will require a high level of neatness and patience. And also takes a long time.

For further information and order. :
Mr Mudzakir.
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Benefit of order at Batikdlidir

The benefits you get from making batik fabric for quilting in our place, among others:.

1. The price of cotton fabric is cheaper. Why it can ?, Because we are at the center location of the cotton factory and Batik Solo

2. Motives or pattern are more maintained quality. Already tested with years of usage from our customers. Tested from cotton and also durable. In addition, you can make the motif according to your own desired.

3. Unique, because you can combine your own motives. Solo citizens has become a daily struggle in the field of batik industries. So the business of combining has become our daily life.

4. Easy in payment of batik fabric. You can get free of our sample pattern or colour ways. After For reservations we demand DP (Down Payment) 50% of total production cost. So as to create a relationship of trust between the both sides.

5. We provide the whole production process. Presentation can be through pictures or video. It’s as if you were looking directly at your order live.

For info or reservations can whatsapp to +62822 6565 2222 Mr Mudzakir.

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