Batik Truntum Traditional Pattern of Java

Batik truntum is one of many traditional batik pattern. Like others traditional batik, batik truntum has meaning. Truntum comes from Javanese word taruntum. Taruntum has means growing or blossom. Truntum illustrated as Tanjung flower bud with dark background as the night sky. Truntum pattern has wishes about about loyalty and harmonic. This pattern usually used by the parents of groom and bride in traditional wedding ceremony. That’s symbolize how the parents guide their children and makes peace for life.

Batik truntum can made with many techniques of batik. Like handwritten batik, stamp batik, or combination of printing and handwritten. Handwritten batik made using canting. To make stamp batik we need stamp from copper with pattern on it. Last, for printing method we need screen to make some pattern on fabric.

batik truntum

Batik Truntum using Combination Technique

Combination technique is combine two or more technique to make batik. Like combining handwritten with printing. So that fabric also have touch of handmade. Batik with touch of handmade of course has more pricey than printing batik.

Using Malam(the wax) on process of making batik cause fabric material is fell softer. There is some different about Fabric construction touchedor not touched by Malam (wax). Handling or handfeeling takes sides on the fabric which is touched by Malam. The best invention from ancestor which is forgotten by us sometime.

Traditional Batik Fabric Indonesia

Traditional batik fabric in Indonesia has a diversity of motives. Each region has different motives. This is also a characteristic of a traditional batik. And every motive has a different background and meaning. Usually, it’s about culture. Otherwise, it relates to the norms of life in his day.

There are some motifs that are even specific to be worn by the king. One of them is the parang motif. Why this motive is only for the king. Because, this motif has philosophy and hope.

And we ready to serve you for the needs of batik. There are more than 1000 motifs you can choose from. If the motive you want is not available. You can order it at our place. We are ready to serve you according to your request. Regardless of the number of your order, we will serve with pleasure.

For reservations, you can contact us at +62 822 6565 2222 (Mudzakir). You can call me or through whatsapp. And Batik Dlidir will always be at your service for 24 hours.

Batik Sogan from Plant Natural Coloring

Batik sogan is batik that has a soga color. Soga is the yellowish brown color made from soga plants (Peltophorum pterocarpum). Batik sogan with natural coloring it must eco friendly. Unlike chemical coloring, natural coloring didn’t polluting the environment. There is many kind of natural coloring. Like, from indigofera plants for blue color, turmeric for yellow color, mangosteen for purple color, etc.

Soga color is identity of traditional batik of Solo. Mostly batik from Solo has dark color as the background with soga color for the pattern. If you wear that kind of clothing, you can looks elegant and at the same time expensive.

Batik sogan

Handwritten Batik Sogan

Handwritten Batik Sogan can be order as your pattern and fabric request. There are various special pattern from area in Indonesia especially in Solo City. We describe some level difficulty and the price below:

  1. Ukel Technique, Is the technique of giving the wax with the form of half circle ot like a worm in half circle with the basic giving stone dam to make the cor appear on the fabric clearly and equally which is done repeatedly in order that the surface of the color is clear and equal. This technique involves too to make the pattern of Gringsing and Obat Nyamuk. For this technique involves the most difficult category averagely. We give the price 1.3 milliom until 3.5 million. 
  2. Granit Technique, Is the technique of giving Malam (wax) with the method of dots outside of pattern. Then, inside of pattern named Pasiran. This technique is categorized as the difficult one because the basic that makes it different is from the size of Canting ,(whether it is small or big). The smaller Canting will need high neatness and the patience. And it takes long time.
  3. Buh Technique, Is the technique of giving wax in edge of fabric. It includes inside of main pattern or tumpal .

Order Batik in Batik Dlidir

We are giving warranty for authenticity of batik handwritten. We can send you a video of the making process. This is to assure you if the batik we sell is original batik. Batik Fabric Sale by Batik Dlidir all handmade quality.

We provide many type of batik, like handwritten batik, batik stamp, batik stamp smoke, etc. If you want our product just text us on whatsapp +62 822 6565 2222 (Mr. Mudzakir)

Batik Solo the Real Batik from Java

Batik Solo is original batik made by crafter in Solo. Solo city has two batik centers. First, Kampung Batik Laweyan. Second, Kampung Batik Kauman. ‘Kampung’ means village, because many batik crafter gather in that place. Almost all of people or citizens in that kampung are batik maker.

When in the first time batik method applied in Indonesia, only king and nobles like the family members of keraton. Keraton is palace where the king live. Decades after that, all of citizens can wear batik. In this time, we can wear any kind of batik.

batik solo

Canting Batik Solo Indonesia

Batik fabric wax is the main material in making Batik. Especially in making Batik Tulis. In this process, Batik wax (Malam) is the important material. Its function is to protect the pattern in the coloring process. Batik fabric wax for Canting tulis asli at Batikdlidir. Canting technique is the masterpiece from Batik.

Canting is a tool for carving wax on a fabric. Has a wooden handle and in the end there are tube and pipe made of copper to drain the melt wax on the fabric. Batik canting is 100% handwritten batik. Batik canting is only exist in Indonesia. Original batik fabfric came from solo and surrounding area. We call the surrounding because there is interference from the area around the solo to the city of jogja. For example sragen, klaten, sukoharjo, wonogiri and imogiri. That region produces quality batik tulis.

Batik Online

Do you want to order our batik tulis? You can reach us by whatsapp on +62 822 6565 2222 Mr Mudzakir for informations and order. Nowdays, easy to make order between one to another contries. By online and technology everything get easier, in that case you can order our batik by online.

We sell Batik in three categories. This category based on Batik techniques making. Here the explanation:
1. First, Handwritten Batik (batik tulis). It made by using canting or written (tulis) technique. It usually use for special event.
2. Second, Copper plate stamp Batik (batik cap). It made by using copper stamp (cap). This technique has solid color, or it is well-known as tie dye technique.
3. Last, Handprint Batik. This is use screen media to make pattern in the fabric. The examples of this technique is in making uniforms and sarong (sarung).

we sell batik fabric wholesale

Batik Modern with Traditional Process

Batik modern is batik with pattern that not include standard tradition of pattern. Modern batik patterns are usually inspired by the lives and environment of batik crafter. Some fauna pattern like peacock, rooster, deer, etc. Or some plants around. Batik with traditional process is use wax to make some pattern on fabric. So the pattern of modern batik can be made in traditional way.

Batik modern also refers to how to make the batik. With or without wax in process. Batik printing with machine and handprinting included in category of batik modern. This is because the process of this batik didn’t using any batik wax or usually called with malam. Same as with making others patterned fabric.

batik modern

Batik Modern Design

You can order batik design in Batik Dlidir, based on Solo, Indonesia. Get much benefits if you order from our company, there are:

1. The price of cotton cloth is cheaper. Because we are at the center location of the cotton factory.

2. Already tested with years of usage from our customers. Tested from cotton and also durable. In addition, you can make the motif according to your own desired.

3. Unique, because you can combine your own motives. Solo citizens has become a daily struggle in the field of batik industries. So the business of combining has become our daily life.

4. Easy in payment of batik fabric. For reservations we demand DP (Down Payment) 50% of total production cost. So as to create a relationship of trust between the both sides.

5. We provide the whole production process. Presentation can be through pictures or video. It’s as if you were looking directly at your order live.

How to Order our Batik

Do you interested in our product, you can just text me, Mudzakir on +62 822 6565 2222 by whatsapp. You can order our product like batik bali, traditional batik handwritten, stamp smoke batik, handprinting batik, etc. We can send our product all around the world.

Batik Indigo Natural Coloring in Blue

Batik indigo means batik with blue or bluish color. Sometimes, batik crafter put blue color by natural coloring. That blue come from indigofera leaves. The advatages using natural coloring are eco friendly. There is no harm pollution if we are using natural coloring. Batik with natural coloring have unique characteristics. Compare to batik with chemical coloring. Natural coloring comes not only from leaves but also from any part of plant. like the branch, flower, roots, etc.

batik indigo

Batik Indigo Fabric

If you want our batik fabric, there’s the price range we offer to you:

  • Batik stamp ( cap ), tie dye, patchwork or roll jelly we give the price of US$ 2.50 per yard. You can order Minimal 500 yards or buy ready stock at least 5 yards.
  • Batik canting, tulis, traditional, art or java, we give starting price US$ 200.00 jt per pcs (105 cm x 240 cm). You can buy ready stock at least 1 pcs or order with motif according to your choice.

We have indigo batik with stamp and handwritten technique, just choose that suit on you.
We use 100% cotton batik fabric with best quality.

Batik with 100% Cotton

Maybe you ask, what is the real cotton?. Before that topic, better to know about cotton base material is cotton. Cotton is a fine fiber that envelops the seeds of several species of Gossypium (commonly called “trees” or cotton plants), ‘bush’ plants originating from the tropics and subtropics. Cotton fiber becomes an important material in the textile industry. The fiber can be spun into yarn and woven into cloth. Textile products of cotton fibers commonly referred to as cotton (yarn or cloth).

There are many types of 100 percent cotton in Indonesia. Construction of the yarn that distinguishes between types of one another. In addition, that also seen from the thickness of the threads of cotton fabric.

You can order our batik indonesia via whatsapp on : +62 822 6565 2222 Mr Mudzakir.