Batik Indigo Natural Coloring in Blue

Batik indigo means batik with blue or bluish color. Sometimes, batik crafter put blue color by natural coloring. That blue come from indigofera leaves. The advatages using natural coloring are eco friendly. There is no harm pollution if we are using natural coloring. Batik with natural coloring have unique characteristics. Compare to batik with chemical coloring. Natural coloring comes not only from leaves but also from any part of plant. like the branch, flower, roots, etc.

batik indigo

Batik Indigo Fabric

If you want our batik fabric, there’s the price range we offer to you:

  • Batik stamp ( cap ), tie dye, patchwork or roll jelly we give the price of US$ 2.50 per yard. You can order Minimal 500 yards or buy ready stock at least 5 yards.
  • Batik canting, tulis, traditional, art or java, we give starting price US$ 200.00 jt per pcs (105 cm x 240 cm). You can buy ready stock at least 1 pcs or order with motif according to your choice.

We have indigo batik with stamp and handwritten technique, just choose that suit on you.
We use 100% cotton batik fabric with best quality.

Batik with 100% Cotton

Maybe you ask, what is the real cotton?. Before that topic, better to know about cotton base material is cotton. Cotton is a fine fiber that envelops the seeds of several species of Gossypium (commonly called “trees” or cotton plants), ‘bush’ plants originating from the tropics and subtropics. Cotton fiber becomes an important material in the textile industry. The fiber can be spun into yarn and woven into cloth. Textile products of cotton fibers commonly referred to as cotton (yarn or cloth).

There are many types of 100 percent cotton in Indonesia. Construction of the yarn that distinguishes between types of one another. In addition, that also seen from the thickness of the threads of cotton fabric.

You can order our batik indonesia via whatsapp on : +62 822 6565 2222 Mr Mudzakir.

Batik Tops Suitable for All

Batik Tops suitable for all age and event. As we know batik is a traditional Indonesian fabric. Batik composed from javanish words amba and tik. Amba means wide, like the size of fabric. Tik means dots, batik formed from dots become many shape and pattern. The pattern formed is made of wax. In conclusion batik is patterned fabric manufactured specifically by writing or putting the wax on the fabric.

Only king and nobles that can wear batik in decades ago. But now, everybody can wear any kind of batik. Batik can be used for tops, like shirt, for women tops, etc. Or you can wear batik as skirt or dress anything you like.

Women’s Batik Tops

Women’s Batik Tops there is so many models women’s batik that we can make from batik fabric. Like tunic, blouse, blazer, etc. For better look, you can combine batik with plain fabric or with other batik fabrics with different pattern.

batik tops

Batik is suitable for all situations, for formal or informal events. You can choose the pattern or cutting of your batik to adjust with your event. For example if you need casual attire, you could wear mini dress from batik stamp smoke.

Summer Tops

Summer tops Batik also suitable for summer fashion. Colorful tie dye batik matches with the summer atmosphere. Batik becomes one of the products that sell online. The development of Batik is rapid. It drives the seller to sell their product online. One of the online stores that sell Batik is Batik Dlidir based on Solo, Indonesia. Batikdlidir offer all of the types of Batik like Batik for fashion and Batik for accessories. We sell handwritten batik, stamp batik, and also Batik Printing ( Sarong ).

For ordered contact +6282265652222. We prefer to WhatsApp than a phone call.

Batik Indonesia the Original Heritage of Nusantara

Batik Indonesia is the original culture of ancestors. There are many original patterns that’s not change since decades. Their name is classic pattern, including sidomukti, wahyu tumurun, satriya manah, semen rante, etc. Each patterns has own special meaning and uses. But, there are also modern patterns that have been mixed with the creativity of batik craftsmen that makes new pattern.

Basically, Batik is a process of making pattern on fabric using wax. Each patterns has own special meaning and uses. But, there are also modern patterns that have been mixed with the creativity of batik craftsmen that makes new pattern. Basically, Indonesian batik is a process of making pattern on fabric using wax.

batik indonesia

Batik Canting Indonesia

Canting is a tool for carving wax on a cloth. Has a wooden handle and in the end there are tube and pipe made of copper to drain the melt wax on the fabric. Batik canting is 100% handwritten batik. Batik canting is only exist in Indonesia. Original batik fabric came from solo and surrounding area. We call the surrounding because there is interference from the area around the solo to the city of jogja. For example sragen, klaten, sukoharjo, wonogiri and imogiri. The region produces quality batik tulis.

Duration of manufacture takes 1 week to 2 months each sheet of batik tulis (handwritten batik). Techniques influence the duration of process. We make simple pattern is faster than the complicated one.

Batik Online

Do you want to order our batik tulis? You can reach us by whatsapp on +62 822 6565 2222 Mr Mudzakir for informations and order our batik. Nowdays, easy to make order between one to another contries. By online and technology everything get easier, in that case you can order our batik by online.

We sell Batik in three categories. This category based on Batik techniques making. Here the explanation:
1. Handwritten Batik (batik tulis). It made by using canting or written (tulis) technique. It usually use for special event.
2. Copper plate stamp Batik (batik cap). It made by using copper stamp (cap). This technique has solid color, or it is well-known as tie dye technique.
3. Handprint Batik. This is use screen media to make pattern in the fabric. The examples of this technique is in making uniforms and sarong (sarung).

Batik Clothing Best Quality

Batik clothing from Batik Dlidir, Solo Indonesia. Batik is traditional technique to make pattern with hot wax. The artist put the hot wax with canting or stamp by hand into a fabric. After that is process of colouring, sometimes they make with natural colouring from woods, leaves, roots, flowers, etc. Next, boiling the fabric to removing wax on fabric. In fact, that process is repeated many times to make beautiful some colours and pattern.

Original batik fabric is the real culture heritage from Solo, Indonesia. Therefore, every classic pattern have special meaning. Like sidomukti pattern used to groom and bride at wedding party. But there are also modern batik.

batik clothing

Bali Batik Clothing Wholesale

We make batik clothing for everyone starts from kids, woman, man clothing. We accept orders to make ready to wear appareal in various type. Like, slimfit, tunic, any dresses, and shirt. You’re in the right place if you want to buy Batik in large amount. Of course you can get cheaper price.

We are known as batik wholesaler in Solo. Our name is Batik Dlidir. We offer you low-price and we will give you the best quality of batik. Our customer is not only from Solo, but also come from foreign country. We have shipped products to Southeast Asia, United Kingdom, and many African countries.

Batik Online

The development of technology nowadays, the selling is much done more by this online system. Some traders choose using online system with various considerations. The one of them is because the minimum cost paid. Beside of that, with using online system, the target of selling is wider. This is not only in domestic but also all the worlds. So where ever you are you can order our batik.

You can order our batik products by phone, you can reach us on whatsapp number +62 822 6565 2222 with Mr. Mudzakir.

Batik Fabric Jelly Rolls that Made Your Day

Batik fabric jelly rolls is special cutting of fabric into pieces usually to make some projects. We make jelly rolls from stamp smoke batik fabric. It’s really nice making rugs, placements, bedcovers, etc. from this batik jelly rolls. They have beautiful gradation colors, with dark or light series. You can choose what you like.

We have thousands pattern of batik stamp smoke. Like dots, coffe bean, stars, flowers, diagonal pattern, spiral, etc. We also making thousands color that rarely get same colors each other because we made batik stamp smoke by hand not machine. The color can depends by wheather. Bright day can make more intense color compared with glommy wheather.

batik fabric jelly rolls

Jelly Rolls Traditional Batik

Jelly rolls batik fabric using tie dye traditional handmade at Batikdlidir, we based on Solo, Indonesia.  Actually to make this creation requires high accuracy. Especially related to the selection of motifs and colors. Because, this jelly roll batik prioritizes beauty in its appearance. So, people who arrange this cloth must also be experts. So, the creations produced are really interesting and beautiful when viewed by the eye.

Actually this creation is almost similar to quilted batik creations. It’s just for the arrangement, batik quilt is made by stitching. That is to combine different types and motifs of different batik. Next, the piece of batik cloth was sewn together to form a new piece of batik cloth.

Jelly Rolls Pricelist

However we have two kind of jelly rolls size. First, they have 20 strips of fabric. Second, they have 40 strips of fabric. They are made with poplin cotton original. After this you can check our pricelist below that suit on you. We can send product all over the world.

jelly rolls price list

For more information please contact +62 822 6565 2222 (Mr. Mudzakir). That is available on phone and WhatsApp .

Batik Fabric for Dressmaking Original Solo, Indonesia

Batik fabric for dressmaking with stamp technique original from Solo, Indonesia. In fact, the pattern made from wax applying with copper stamp. So many various pattern that we made, floral pattern, dots, abstract, etc. Furthermore the batik fabrics suitable for making any kind of clothes for man and woman made from 100% cotton.

batik fabric from dressmaking

Batik Fabric Stamp Smoke

Batik fabric stamp smoke is one of technique from many techniques. We also called it batik bali. Batik Bali manufactured by talented artisan of Batikdlidir. Our location in the center of Solo City, Jl. Kolonel sugiyono number 67. It is near by Adi Sumarmo airport around 10 minutes from Airport.

If you’re buying at least 500 pack of batik stamp smoke. We will count US $ 4.50/pack (105 cm x 250 cm). For the next order, we will give special discount or bonuses. You will get many advantages if buying our product. First, you can get cheap price for the best quality product. Second, you can order the patterns of batik sarong according to your request. Then our fabric is 100% original cotton cloth we guarantee the authenticity of every product.

How to Order Our Batik Fabric

How to order our batik fabric? Please reach us by whatsapp number +62 822 6565 2222 (Mr. Mudzakir). We have exported our product to many region on Asia, Europe, and also USA. Of course we keep our product in good quality.

Batik Sarong price with technique completly

Batik Sarong price is so various. Many things become determiner of price for a batik sarong. It starts from the material, making technique, and its motif too. During this time the craftsmen make available for batik material. It starts from shroud, cotton until silk. Every this material of course have different price. And the most expensive is the silk. The price for a silk batik sarong can reach millions until billions.

Batik Sarong price with technique completly

And for making technique, there are three techniques. Among them, batik manual or tulis, cap (stamp) and printing too. It is same with the material, this technique determines too batik sarong price. Batik sarong printing is the cheapest price. Its price starts from thousands and more. But for batik tulis sarong price, its price can achieve thousands until millions rupiah.

In addition to, the motif from every batik influence its price too. This thing because there are some motifs which are rare. Of course that motif is so rare to be found. If there are the collectors that have it. So, batik sarong price with rare motif is so exclusive. Its price can reach millions.

Of course, for the collectors, the price does not become the problem. But, for people who just want to have batik, the price becomes itself determination. In our place (Batikdlidir) make available for batik with the cheapest price and the best quality. You can compare it with other place. With the same quality, the price in our place of course is cheaper.

Batik Sarong price at Batikdlidir with low price

Batik Sarong price at Batikdlidir with low price. Starting price US $ 1.50 per yard, You can get the best quality sarong. Batikdlidir’s Wholesale sells the original handmade batik sarong with the various traditional batik patterns. During this time, we give service the order for some areas. It is good from inside or abroad.

You can order batik in our place. You can contact me (Mr. Mudzakir) on number +628226565222. We are ready to give service for 24 hours.

So, anytime you need batik, you can contact me. In addition to make available for batik ready to wear, we accept the order of batik motif. Such as your design motif itself or rare motif which are rare to be met nowadays.

In Bahasa : Grosir kain Batik.

Batik sarong images motif which exists

Batik sarong images are batik motif which exists on a sarong. This motif is various enough. There are millions batik motif. This motif is different from every place. It includes in Indonesia itself having many batik motifs. To remember, Indonesia is known as Batik country. The difference of this batik motif becomes special characteristics.

Batik sarong images motif which exists

Then, this special characteristic becomes icon from that place. And batik lovers have been able to know the origin of batik from its motif. And now, Batik has been developing continuously. It is not only in Indonesia. But also, almost in the entire world. In all countries have batik. Though, batik which is existed is not original from that country.

Batik sarong images motif which exists (2)

But it comes from other country. This thing is done because batik lovers are so much. So many countries that cause batik for fulfilling people want later. Motif existed on batik sarong is divided too to become some kinds. There are traditional motif, flora motif, fauna and geometry motif too.

For traditional motif is just such line or symbol. Even so, this traditional motif exactly is liked so much. This thing because traditional motif contains high philosophy. Especially traditional batik motif from Indonesia. This is why, until now, many collectors still hunt it.

Then, for this animal or fauna motif adjusts its region. This motif usually is the image from environment surrounding. Such as dragon motif, butterfly motif, fish motif or sea animal and other animal motif. There is leaves or trees motif too.

Batik sarong images at Batikdlidir

Batik sarong images at Batikdlidir. Sarong wholesale with original handmade and traditional. Starting price US $ 1.50 per yard, You can get the best quality sarong.

Batik sarong images at Batikdlidir

Batikdlidir’s Wholesale sells the original handmade batik sarong wholesale with the various traditional batik patterns.  You can be easy to get those motifs in our place (Batikdlidir). As the one of batik center in Solo city, we make available for thousands motifs.

It starts from traditional until modern motif. You can choose motif like what you want. Or you can order motif suitable with your wants. We are ready to give it service. By having professional craftsmen, we are always ready for giving the best.

For order, just contact me on number +6282265652222. Dedication, We are ready for 24 hours.

Batik seragam.

Etsy batik sarong is makes available for various types

Etsy batik sarong is batik center that makes available for various types of Batik. Etsy makes available for various types of Batik needs. Started from fabric, fashion, although the accessories. Actually, Etsy does not only supply some batik. Moreover, Etsy makes available various needs. But, the needs with fabric material. Such as; there is a doll from the fabric, household equipment, or antique products.

Etsy batik sarong is makes available for various types

Etsy is the one of online market. You can get your various needs in this place. Of course, you do not need to be busy for coming to that factory. This is being so easy for you to hunt things that you want. Many batik types existed in this place. Not only batik sarong, you can get various other batik.

In Etsy makes available for much batik. Batik price which is offered is so various. Started from the cheapest until the most expensive. You can buy appropriate with the budget that you have.  Not only that, in Etsy you can choose the motif that you want. There is traditional until modern motif.

Seragam batik kantor.

Etsy batik sarong at Batikdlidir

Etsy batik sarong at Batikdlidir. Starting price US $ 1.50 per yard, You can get the best quality sarong. Batikdlidir’s Wholesale sells the original handmade batik sarong with the various traditional batik patterns.

Not only that, in Etsy Batik is also available in various kinds. Started from traditional batik until with Batik. So whatever your needs of Batik, it is not wrong for hunting in Etsy. But, not only Etsy, but also other batik center is Batikdlidir. It is same with Etsy, Batikdlidir makes available to various Batik. It is just; Batikdlidir is more focus on the batik only.

Like batik fabric, batik fashion, accessories, sarong and product which is related with Batik. You can get Batik in Batikdlidir. Because, in Batikdlidir is not only existed Batik Tulis. But, it is more complete. On that place, there is Batik Cap or Stamp too. And there is Batik printing or silk screening. From various kinds of that Batik, the price is different too.

For the most expensive of course is Batik Tulis. This is because, Batik Tulis is made manually. Although, the price of Batik at Batikdlidir is the cheapest. You can prove it by yourself. If you want order Etsy batik sarong , just contact this number +6282265652222. You can be connected directly with Mr. Mudzakir. He is the owner of Batikdlidir.

Antique batik sarong has been scarce

Antique batik sarong is batik sarong with batik motif which has been scarce. Usually, this batik motif is made many years ago. And now, its batik motif has been so rare to be met. If it still exists, it is just some collectors.

The existence of this antique batik has its uniqueness. No wonder is many collectors always hunt the existence of this antique batik sarong. They even do not care the price given for every piece of that antique batik fabric.

Antique batik sarong

The most important thing is that batik has been so rare and existed. This antique batik sarong is not usually worn for daily activities. But it is intended as the collection only. It is about the price is usually offered for every this rare batik product is various indeed. It starts from tens millions until hundred millions. Even the is antique or rare batik with the price can reach more than hundred millions.

Although, for price collector, that price is not the prime problem. The most important thing, they can get what they look for. And of course the collectors have understood well, which one of antique batik and which one of usual batik. This price given is influenced by that batik maker.

If that Batik is made by famous batik maestro, so the price can be higher. But, nowadays for hunting the existence of this antique batik is not really easy. This thing because many collectors from abroad that participate too to hunt the existence of that antique batik.

Antique batik sarong at Batikdlidir

But, for you that want to collect batik with rare motif, you can order it in our place (Batikdlidir). Antique batik sarong at Batikdlidir. We are Batik center in Solo, Indonesia.

Batikdlidir make available for various needs of batik. It includes if you want batik motif which is so rare to be met nowadays. We have experienced batik craftsmen.

With the skill of making batik, we can give service for your order to make rare batik motif. For order, you can contact me on number +6282265652222. We are always ready to give service for your order 24 hours.

Seragam batik murah.