Art of drawing Batik identical with Indonesia culture

Art of drawing Batik is ancestor inheritance fabric. Batik is very identical with Indonesia culture. This fabric has existed since hundred years ago. And until now, it still becomes favorite one. In the past, batik is only made in limited edition. Limit because batik is only worn by certain ones. There are many which wear Batik such as nowadays.

Art of drawing Batik

The one of attractive things is its motif. This motif becomes unique part. And its unique is not only such its painting. But, there is other meaning behind that motif. Long time ago, the ancestors attached philosophy in each motif. Batiks philosophy which makes Batik is so impressive.

Each motif has different philosophy. This is based on the creator of its motif. Many motifs tell about the hope and pray. The best pray for the wearer of batik fashion. So, Batik is not only a fabric but also more than that such a pray which is done through a fashion.

It is not only motif, Batik but also other uniqueness from is the process of its drawing. Not many people that can draw Batik. Art of drawing Batik activity is only done by artist only. Because of drawing Batik not only needs studying.

But also, there is diligence and high art aptitude. In the past, the competence of drawing is only had by certain people. Before the women have this competence, drawing Batik is the skill of the royal.

The daughters of the king often spend the time for making motif. And on its development, this skill is taught by the daughters outside of kingdom. Then, Batik fabric develops quickly such nowadays.

Art of drawing Batik At Batikdlidir

Art of drawing Batik At Batikdlidir. This art of drawing Batik needs high concentration. It is because each part from motif is made so small. And on each motif contains the meaning. If there is wrong thing, so its meaning will be so different.

Art of drawing Batik At Batikdlidir

This is the one of the uniqueness from Batik. So, making Batik needs long time. Not only one or two months. But also, sometimes the one of Batik fabric can takes more than three months.

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