Batik fabric by the yard Batikdlidir

Batik fabric by the yard Batikdlidir with Low Price. We give you a price of US $ 2.50 per yard. Besides, the convenience and security of transacting become our priority. Hope can be established business relationships that benefit both sides.

Batik fabric by the yard Batikdlidir

Batik is an ancient art form of Indonesia made with wax resistant dye on fabrics. Indonesian coastal batik (batik pesisir) made in the island of Java has a history of acculturation, a mixture of native and foreign cultures. It is a newer model compared to inland batik, and it uses more colors, though the patterns are a lot less intricate. This is because inland batik used to be made by select experts living in palace areas, while coastal batik can be made by anyone.

Batikdlidir is a manufacturers of batik stamp. We’ve had decades of experience. The experience includes everything about cap, tie dye or gradation techniques. As a solo townspeople, batik tulis asli has become our daily life.

Batik fabric by the yard Batikdlidir US $ 2.50 per yard

Batik fabric by the yard Batikdlidir US $ 2.50 per yard.

1. You order at least 500 yards. You order at least 500 yards. Each stamp or motif has a long tie dye color of at least 50 yards. So within 500 yards you are entitled to have 10 colors.

2. Cotton material uses 133 x 72 primisima construction. This cotton has a size of 50 s yarn. For solo city residents, the construction usually called poplin.

3. We provide 24 hour service. This service is our dedication. So you can feel comfortable at all times.

Technical stamp has a design of cheap batik fabric. Why is that ?, this is due to the discovery of solo citizens. Bridging between the length of the canting technique and the speed of the print technique.

This is the real batik, a long cultural achievement WongSolo. Not just fabric, but a long history of high-level witnesses artwork that is recognized worldwide. If some countries have an amazing heritage, then solo (Indonesia) has BATIK. An intellectual property portrayed or expressed in a fabric.

For reservations or information, You can whatsapp to:

+62 822 6565 2222 Pak Mudzakir.

As a reminder only, that the quality of fabric is the price of our company. So with all the power batik dlidir provide the best for you. Because we believe, good cooperation is established with ‘sincerity’ between both parties.




Fortunately, the use of stamp technique is widely used for export purposes. And when looking back on history, stamp batik has a neat history. History in the fight for its existence. For that we suggest and try to socialize stamp techniquelocaly while we try to get vast. We do with the hope that the citizens can enjoy. The traditional work that is sad to be left behind.

For the stamp technique, it still seems traditional and unique. Because in addition to using the wax, coloring can be more varied. The price fairly affordable to be made batik uniform.

1. Fabric batik prima with custom motif US $ 1.99 / yard.
2. Each meter of cotton primisima ourtagprice is US $ 2.50 / yard.

For color, cap technique has its own value. You will get a solid color. In addition, it can also make your own the color gradation (colour ways/design). Foreign people call it with tie dye smoke technique.

For details can whatsapp to +62 822 6565 2222 Mr. Mudzakir. 24 hours nonstop serving order batik uniform. As our dedication in the field of batik.

Batik fabric wholesale WITH ORIGINAL COTTON

Batik fabric wholesale WITH ORIGINAL COTTON from pure cotton. Cotton is a fine fiber that envelops the seeds. Some types of plants come from the tropics and subtropics. Cotton fiber becomes an important material in the textile industry. The fiber can be spun into yarn and woven into cloth. Textile products of cotton fibers commonly called cotton (yarn or cloth).

Prima cotton fabric made from cotton yarn thickness of 40s. And has a construction of 94 × 70 fabric. For the width of 105cm to 115 cm. This type of prima cotton is commonly used among batik craftsmen. Good for material stamp batik and handprint. We gave tagprice US $ 1.60 / yard. With batik printing motive to order. As for the stamp technique, US $ 1.99 / yard. You can order at least 500 meters for minimum order (customized motif).

The second with a poplin primisima cotton, building 133 × 72. The term poplin may be familiar to your ears. The type of poplin cloth most often sought and used for the needs of fabric shirts.
The price of batik cloth using our poplin banderol US $ 2.50 / yard. To print or handprint we gave you price US $ 1.90 / yard. That’s is cheap!.

The name of the poplin fabric itself is another name or trade language for fabrics with 133 x 72 construction. Both using plait woven and twill plait techniques. The definition of 133 × 72 construction is in 1 inch fabric with 133 strands of warp yarn and 72 strands of feed yarn. The types of threads that are often used for poplin fabrics are 40s and 50s threads. Viewed from raw materials, Type of poplin cloth is divided into 2. That is the basic material of cotton and from TC materials. For batikdlidir products using full cotton and yarn size 40s.

Information all about batik please whatsapp to:
+62 822 6565 2222 Pak Mudzakir.

So little explanation from us. May be useful …
Nuwun (thank you).

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