Batik fabric Tulis Keris it symbolizes a philosophy

Batik fabric Tulis Keris is Batik that has Keris pattern. In Indonesia, especially in Java, it symbolizes a philosophy. Keris is a weapon to protect yourself. Besides, it also symbolizes a power in controlling the household.

Batik fabric Tulis Keris

Keris is a peculiar weapon from Indonesia. It has existed since Majapahit era. The shape is curvy that it is called Luk. Each of it has the different number of Luk, and each of it has the different meaning. This weapon is really sacred.

So it does to Batik Tulis Keris. In several regions in Indonesia, the creation of Batik Tulis pattern is very varied. There are small patterns and also the big one. These varieties are being the identity of those regions. Although it looks simple, Batik Keris pattern is very popular. Even the deceased of Tien Soeharto also has a favorite pattern that is Curigo kesit.

The shape of Curigo Kesit pattern looks like the small aligning of Keris. It has a deep philosophy, especially for the women. It symbolizes the ability of the women in managing or controlling their self, their family and their household.

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