Shirt Batik Tulis 100 % using cotton fabric

Shirt Batik Tulis (long sleeve) or usually called shirt. While short sleeve called t- shirt.
The difference between a long sleeve and short sleeve is in the size. It also can be seen from the impression. Long sleeve is more formal than the short one. That is why the officials, young executive, and the President prefer to wear long sleeve than the short sleeve. But all of that depends on the occasion.

Shirt Batik Tulis 100 % using cotton fabric

Whether long or short sleeve is similar. It depends on the people, the occasion, and the work. This kind of Batik Tulis patterns usually has no absolute size and models.

In making Batik Tulis, the maker does not make for certain kind of clothes. Each pattern designed for all clothes model. Thus, if you want to make clothes by yourself, you just need to find the proper pattern, and afterward, you can design your own clothes.

This kind of Batik can be found in BatikDlidir, Solo. It is one of several centers of Batik Tulis in Solo. We have many kinds of Batik Tulis. You will get several benefits if you shop in our store, such as the cheapest price and you will get the best quality of Batik Tulis. The down payment is only 50% of the total price.

The contact number of Batik Dlidir is at +628226565222. It is available in WhatsApp and phone. You can call this number for order, but WhatsApp is better.

Shirt Batik Tulis at Batikdlidir

Shirt Batik Tulis at Batikdlidir with cotton fabric. A bit of explanation about the technique above:
1. Buh IDR. 285.000,- per pc.

Buh design is the design which is on the surrounding fabric. It is usually used as subordinate fabric. Buh technique has the level of simple difficulty and for applying the wax only a half or a third from the wide of fabric per pc. In this category involves Jengki design, etc.

2. Big design IDR. 375.000 per pc.
Minimum order is 10 pieces. The combination between Buh and Big design involves this category. This technique has interesting color superiority. This design involves some, such as Parang Besar, Sidomukti Besar and Galar Besar (besar = big).

3. Bledak and a half of Granite 580.000/pc.
Bledak technique is breaking the wax which is on fabric. With this technique, we hope that it can give the impression of obscure colour.

4. Full Granite IDR. 650.000,- per pc.
Is the technique of applying the wax with dropping method outside of pattern while inside of it named Pasiran (sandy). This technique can be categorized as difficult one when the basic distinguishing is from the size (big/small) of bamboo water scoop (Canting).

5. Ukel and Pakem IDR. 900.000
Is the technique of applying the wax with the form of half circle. This technique gets included too for making Gringsing and Obat Nyamuk (insect repellent) pattern. For this technique involves the most turning category.

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