Batik sarong history has been long time

Batik sarong history has been long time. According to existed history, it is from Yaman. In Indonesia itself, Sarong has been known since 14th century. Sarong is a piece of fabric which is united for both ends until it creates like pipe. The way of wearing sarong is paired on stomachache or waist. Sarong is usually for covering subordinate part. It starts from waist until the ankle.

Batik sarong history has been long time

In its development, sarong made from various material kinds. It starts from cotton, polyester, until silk. Some that material kinds adjust with the need. Sarong is identical with across line and geometry. But, many motifs which is applied for sarong slowly.

For example; batik motif. From the beginning, batik motif becomes unusual thing indeed. For remember, during this time sarong is so identical with line motif. But, slowly batik motif dominates more and more exactly. Many batik motifs which is presented for sarong. There are traditional motif, flora motif, and fauna motif too.

For traditional motif, it can be parang, sekar jagat, and other iconic motif too. But, for animal motif or fauna, it can be butterfly, bird and others. And plant motif, it can be flower, trees and other. The choice of this motif, it is usually adjusted too with the want of the wearers.

Jual kain batik tulis asli.

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