Batik Sarong price with technique completly

Batik Sarong price is so various. Many things become determiner of price for a batik sarong. It starts from the material, making technique, and its motif too. During this time the craftsmen make available for batik material. It starts from shroud, cotton until silk. Every this material of course have different price. And the most expensive is the silk. The price for a silk batik sarong can reach millions until billions.

Batik Sarong price with technique completly

And for making technique, there are three techniques. Among them, batik manual or tulis, cap (stamp) and printing too. It is same with the material, this technique determines too batik sarong price. Batik sarong printing is the cheapest price. Its price starts from thousands and more. But for batik tulis sarong price, its price can achieve thousands until millions rupiah.

In addition to, the motif from every batik influence its price too. This thing because there are some motifs which are rare. Of course that motif is so rare to be found. If there are the collectors that have it. So, batik sarong price with rare motif is so exclusive. Its price can reach millions.

Of course, for the collectors, the price does not become the problem. But, for people who just want to have batik, the price becomes itself determination. In our place (Batikdlidir) make available for batik with the cheapest price and the best quality. You can compare it with other place. With the same quality, the price in our place of course is cheaper.

Batik Sarong price at Batikdlidir with low price

Batik Sarong price at Batikdlidir with low price. Starting price US $ 1.50 per yard, You can get the best quality sarong. Batikdlidir’s Wholesale sells the original handmade batik sarong with the various traditional batik patterns. During this time, we give service the order for some areas. It is good from inside or abroad.

You can order batik in our place. You can contact me (Mr. Mudzakir) on number +628226565222. We are ready to give service for 24 hours.

So, anytime you need batik, you can contact me. In addition to make available for batik ready to wear, we accept the order of batik motif. Such as your design motif itself or rare motif which are rare to be met nowadays.

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