Vintage batik fabric with pakem pattern

Vintage batik fabric with pakem pattern or motif. Batik fabric design is very varied. Such as traditional and modern Batik. It is not only that. By developing of Batik nowadays, there are many designers who create their own Batik model. It also occurred in many countries in the world.

Vintage batik fabric with pakem pattern

In the past, Batik design was limited. There is only one Batik design that is Batik Tulis. Then, Batik developed. There are many designers made a new Batik model. It is to fulfill the market demand. So, they presented Batik Cap (stamp) and also Batik Printing. Yet, those kinds of Batik have many differences.

First, it is different in making process. Batik Tulis made traditionally while others made by machine. Then, the pattern has no rules or absolute. While Batik Tulis did. Because each pattern should have the philosophy.

The craftsmen did not allow to break the rule. Once they do that, the philosophy will change. It is very important. So, the craftsmen have to do that very carefully.

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Vintage batik fabric by Batikdlidir

Vintage batik fabric by Batikdlidir. Batik Fabric wholesale with low price and 100% cotton original. We give you a price of US $ 2.50 per yard. Besides, the convenience and security of transacting become our priority. Hope can be established business relationships that benefit both sides.

Vintage batik fabric by Batikdlidir

Technical stamp has a design of cheap batik fabric. Why is that ?, this is due to the discovery of solo citizens. Bridging between the length of the canting technique and the speed of the print technique.

This is the real batik, a long cultural achievement WongSolo. Not just fabric, but a long history of high-level witnesses artwork that is recognized worldwide. If some countries have an amazing heritage, then solo (Indonesia) has BATIK. An intellectual property portrayed or expressed in a fabric.

Next technique ” canting ” ( Draw, art or tulis ). This is the real batik, a long achievement of wong solo culture. Not just cloth, but a long history of witnesses of world-renowned artwork. If some countries have a stunning relic, then the solo city (Indonesia) has BATIK. An intellectual property depicted or expressed in a cloth. We sell it with prices ranging from US $ 200.00 per piece to Rp US $ 3,200.00 per piece. Or you can order it with your favorite patterns.

The motif contained in traditional authenticity of Indonesian batik fabric. This motif, made in the time of the kingdom. There are some motifs that are even specific to be worn by the king.

One of them is the parang motif. Why this motive is only for the king. Because, this motif has philosophy and hope.

And we ready to serve you for the needs of batik. There are more than 1000 motifs you can choose from. If the motive you want is not available. You can order it at our place. We are ready to serve you according to your request. Regardless of the number of your order, we will serve with pleasure.

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