Batik and Sarong different two things before

Batik and Sarong are different two things before. Sarong includes usual fashion type is used to subordinate. Whereas Batik is motif type or usual design is made above the fabric. During this time, sarong has line motifs.

But, with the existence of mode development, in the end there are many designers that combine batik with sarong. And the result is great. Many people are interested with this combination. So, batik sarong becomes developing more rapidly.

Batik and Sarong

The development of sarong and this Batik does not only happen in Indonesia. Much society in some countries which are actually interested with this batik sarong. If during this time, Batik is identical with fashion type for higher only. Such as; clothes, western – style shirt and other types. But, with the existence of combination between sarongs with Batik, so it increases fashion model diversity which exists nowadays.

The existence of this batik sarong is as if a batik jarik. But, wearing sarong seems easier and simple is compared with wearing jarik. Because, this sarong can be worn by a person without the existence of help from other people. But, while wearing jarik, many of them need the help from other people.

It is same with jarik, this batik sarong is combined with fashion type or other subordinate. Started from clothes or western – style shirt as well as with other subordinate fashion type. Especially, if the combination between sarong with this subordinate has color and design or same motif.

Seragam batik. ( In Bahasa ).

Batik and Sarong at Batikdlidir

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Batik jelly rolls.

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