Batik Fabric Jogja Online using canting technique

Batik Fabric Jogja Online using canting technique. Batik Fabric Jogja Online is Batik Tulis from Jogja that sale by online. Today, online transaction has become a trend. Almost all the sellers using this online system. It is not only easier, but it is also effective.

Batik Fabric Jogja Online using canting technique

Online transaction can be done by any social media. Such as facebook, instagram, or others online sites. The result is very delightful. This way makes the sellers more efficient, either the money or the place. The seller does not have to rent a place, so they can save their money itself.

There are many stuffs than can be sale by online. One of them is Jogja. Now, Jogja has become a modern place. So does the Batik. Lately, Batik is not only sale in the market, but it also in online system. The pattern of Batik Jogja that make it has many fans.

Batik Tulis Jogja has a big patterns while Batik Solo has a small patterns. Besides of pattern, another uniqueness of Batik Jogja is the color. Mostly, Batik Tulis Jogja has white as the foundation.
There are several popular patterns of Batik Jogja that are Ceplok and Grompol. This pattern of Batik consists of several shape of geometry. It can be formed like a rose, animal, and others. There is also the pattern of Kawung and Parang. The pattern of Parang is differentiated into several pattern such as Parang Barong, Parang Rusak, Parang Gedreh, and Parang Tuding.

Batik Fabric Jogja Online at Batikdlidir

Batik Fabric Jogja Online at Batikdlidir completely. In order to help you within complete your collection of Batik, Batik Dlidir was established as one of several centers of Batik Tulis in Solo. We have many collections of Batik in our storehouse. We also sale our product via online. You will get many benefits by shopping in our store. We give you the best quality.

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