Batik Roses fabric is Batik fabric with Roses pattern

Batik Roses fabric is Batik fabric with Roses pattern. Roses are mostly chosen by the Batik artist. Although the rose is identic to red color, many craftsmen made an innovation by applying other colors like white, blue, yellow, and more. Besides that, roses pattern also have many shapes model. It made Batik roses varied.

Batik Roses fabric

It is because of the craftsmen have the different views about the rose. Sometimes, this shape becomes the characteristic of each craftsman even the region. So, the rose pattern has a different shape in every region. It can be seen from its size, model, color, and other.

Batik Roses fabric often mix with another pattern like a plant, human, or animal. The combination of it made the product more beautiful. The shade of color is important. Because it will give engagement impress one and another. A right choice of color will make it more romantic too.

It is identic to the women but it is also OK for men. Now, Batik Roses are available at Batik Dlidir. You can choose your favorite Roses here because we provide it in several kinds. As the center of Batik in Solo, we do not only have one pattern, but we have a lot.

But, if you are not interested in our ready-product, you can order as you wish. You can also choose the Batik if you want Batik Tulis, Batik Cap (stamp), or Batik Printing.

For order contact +6282265652222. Please use WhatsApp to get a fast response from us.

Batik Roses fabric for sarong

Batik Roses fabric for sarong at Batikdlidir. Our company or shop is very popular with the high quality product and the cheap price. We produce our batik sarong in our own production house. Batikdlidir will give the special price for you. If you are buying at least 500 pack. We will count US $ 4.50/pack (105 cm x 250 cm). For the next order, we will cut the price out of your expectation.

The following are the features of our products:
1. You will get the cheap price for the best quality product.
2. You can order the patterns of batik sarong according to your request.
3. 100% original cotton cloth. Batikdlidir guarantee the authenticity of every product.

Get the original handmade batik sarong in our company!.

Batik Roses fabric for sarong

This is the real batik, a long cultural achievement wong solo and Jogja. Not just fabric, but a long history of high-level witnesses artwork that is recognized worldwide. If some countries have an amazing heritage. Then, solo and jogja (Indonesia) has BATIK. An intellectual property portrayed or expressed in a cloth.

For reservations or information indonesian batik fabric can sms or whatsapp to:

+62 822 6565 2222 Pak Mudzakir.

Batik Roses fabric with tie dye technique

Batik Roses fabric with tie dye technique by Batikdlidir. For the stamp technique, it still seems traditional and unique. Because in addition to using the wax, coloring can be more varied. The price fairly affordable to be made batik uniform.

1. Fabric batik prima with custom motif US $ 1.99 / yard.
2. Each meter of cotton primisima ourtagprice is US $ 2.50 / yard.

For color, cap technique has its own value. You will get a solid color. In addition, it can also make your own the color gradation (colour ways/design). Foreign people call it with tie dye smoke technique.

Batik Roses fabric with tie dye technique

For details can whatsapp to 0822 6565 2222 Mr. Mudzakir. 24 hours nonstop serving order batik guilt. As our dedication in the field of batik.

Tentang situs kami lainnya bisa lihat di Jasa Aqiqah murah, dan kain batik.

Batik Roses fabric for high level

Batik Roses fabric for high level or tulis technique. This is the real batik, a long achievement of wong solo culture. Not just cloth, but a long history of witnesses of world-renowned artwork. If some countries have a stunning relic, then the solo city (Indonesia) has BATIK. An intellectual property depicted or expressed in a cloth.

Batik Roses fabric for high level
We sell it with prices ranging from US $ 200.00 per piece to Rp US $ 3,200.00 per piece. Or you can order it with your favorite patterns.

The process of making time and difficulty determine the price of a batik. Here’s the price list.

1. Ukel technique, we sell it between US $ 1,000.00 per piece until US $ 3,200.00 per piece.
2. Granit technique, US $ 300.00 per piece – US $ 1,000.00 per piece.
3. Buh technique, US $ 200.00 per piece – US $ 280.00 per piece.

You can contact us via whatsapp for ordering : +62 822 6565 2222 Mr Mudzakir.

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