Batik Tulis East Java with motif or pattern by order

Batik Tulis East Java with motif or pattern by order. Batik Tulis of East Java, now is more popular than before. It is proven by there are a lot of people that interested to this Batik that comes from East java. The developing of batik in East Java is slower than others. Even though, East Java also have several center of Batik. Some of the center of Batik in East Java are as follows.

Batik Tulis East Java

Batik Madura. This region has known with several natural potential from its region, like karapan sapi, and also known as salt producer. As the coastal area, Batik Madura is dominated by bright colors. The popular patterns from this town are pucuk tombak, belah ketupat, and rajut.

The second is Batik Pacitan. This Batik has a bit similarity to Batik Solo. Especially in creating the pattern. There are several pattern here like Sidomulyo, Sekarjagat, Semen Romo, and Kembang-kembang. Besides of Pacitan, Sidoarjo also has typical Batik. Even in Sidoarjo has a village of Batik. In this village there are a lot of Batik Tulis industries. The pattern is dominated by flora and fauna, and the color is bright, like red, yellow, green, and others.

Batik Tulis Tuban. It is the most famous and popular from east Java. It is because the entire of manufacturing process is done from cotton material. Batik Tuban has similarity to Batik Cirebon. Especially in coloring and dyeing process. Where both of them are dominated by using purple and blue.
And then Batik Banyuwangi. This region has so many patterns. But, only 21 that get Nationality recognition. Some of the patterns of Batik Banyuwangi are Gajah Oling, Kangkung Setingkes, Alas Kobong, Paras Gempal, and many more.

Batik Tulis East Java by Batikdlidir

Batik Tulis East Java by Batikdlidir. There are 3 canting techniques that are so familiar in solo society.

1. Technique ukel.

Namely canting night semicircle technique. Or like a semi-circular worm with the base giving a wall to cause the above color. This is done repeatedly so that the color is clear and evenly distributed. This technique is also included to create gringsing patterns and such as mosquito repellent. For this technique enter the hardest category price range US $ 500.00 per pcs, size 240 cm x 105 cm .

2. Granite techniques.

Granit is the technique of night casting with the method of the dot outside the pattern If yg in the pattern named pasiran. This technique is quite difficult because of the basis of diffusion from the side of the small canting. The smaller the canting will require a high level of tidiness and patience. For this technique the price range UD $ 300.00 until US $ 350.00 per pcs.

3. Buh Technique.
That is the technique of wax casting evenly in the main pattern and in the tumpal.

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