Batik Tulis Indonesia with traditional handmade

Batik Tulis Indonesia with traditional handmade. Batik Indonesia is the most popular Batik for anyone who loves Batik. It has been admitted by the world that Batik is a masterpiece from Indonesia. The pattern and the philosophy are its excesses. The color is also one of its attractiveness.

Batik Tulis Indonesia with traditional handmade

Because this Batik is very popular, so the buyer and the fan are not only from Indonesia. Even the foreign tourist admire it. They often wear Batik during their holiday in Indonesia then they buy some as the souvenir.

Java Island is well-known as the center of Batik Tulis Indonesia. The popular cities of Batik in Java are Solo, Yogyakarta, and Pekalongan. In the fact, almost all of the cities in Indonesia have its own Batik. The quality of those is not bad also. Each of them has typical pattern and color. Like Cirebon that has Batik Mega Mendung. Batik Madura that easy known by the color. Batik Bali that has art pattern. Finally, Batik Lasem with the pattern of acculturation art, and more.

Traditional Batik Fabric.

Batik Tulis Indonesia By Batikdlidir

Actually, there are other countries that also have Batik fabric. But UNESCO has declared that Batik is cultural heritage of Indonesia. So it becomes a proof that the famous Batik comes from Indonesia.

Batik Indonesia is available in Batik Dlidir, Solo. Batik Dlidir is one of several centers of Batik Tulis in Solo. We have many kinds of Batik. We have Batik Indonesia also. Batik Lasem, Cirebon, Solo, Yogyakarta, Pekalongan, and others are available in our store too.

Batik Tulis Indonesia By Batikdlidir

We have professional makers and well-experienced. It means that you will get the best quality of Batik Tulis. We also offer you the cheapest price ever. The price of our Batik Tulis starts from US $44.30.
If you want to order, please contact the owner of Batik Dlidir, Mr. Mudzakir at +6282265652222.

Seragam Batik .

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