Zebra Batik fabric which mixes two kinds of colors

Zebra Batik fabric is Batik which only mixes two kinds of colors. Those are black and white. But, some of them have Zebra in the pattern. Black and white are a simple mix, but it has beautiful impress. Because this pattern has mixed two colors which were usually called contrary.

Zebra Batik fabric

The form of the pattern depends on the craftsmen. Because each craftsman has different creation. They only bold in the color. Now, Zebra pattern is the most in demand. This motif is not only in Indonesia but also in other countries.

It usually uses black as the basic color than white used for the pattern. It is very similar to Zebra. Animal patterns were often chosen by the craftsmen to give the beauty in Batik.

Batik Tulis Asli Indonesia.

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Zebra Batik fabric with stamp technique

Zebra Batik fabric with stamp technique. The pattern that usually presented on this Batik is butterfly, fish, plant, flower, leaf, branch, and others. This Batik is more emphasizes on the color and the pattern, not the philosophy. It is different to traditional Batik. Because the beauty of the colors and the patterns are able to attract every single eye. This is the attractiveness of Batik gradient.

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